About South Coast Bhangra

Our mission -

To make a positive difference in as many ways possible. 

Our aims -

To promote: 

  • mental wellness
  • physical fitness 
  • ethnic and cultural diversity
  • a happier and linked community 

Why Bhangra -

Bhangra is a style of folk dance originating from the Northern Indian region of Punjab. Bhangra has evolved over the years from decade to decade, and country to country. It is one of the best ways to keep strong and get fit. 

Why South Coast Bhangra -

With over 18 years combined dance experience, our instructors are passionate for dance and passionate for Bhangra. We like to be unique and add our own SCB twist and we are passionate for teaching. 

Achievements -

  • Created a Bhangra group from scratch who currently hold a weekly Bhangra session for 25-30 students
  • Performed at multiple charity events, Eastleigh Mela 2018 & Eastleigh Garden Party, Southampton Mela 2018 (alongside Happe Singh and Roach Killa), multiple Cheese and Chilli Festivals UK
  • Held the first primary school Bhangra workshop on the Isle of Wight
  • Promoting local music artists

Prospects -

We want to get more people doing Bhangra on the South Coast of England regardless of age and other discriminating factors. We want to start our Little Stars group. We also want to do a lot more charity fundraising. We want to start an advanced performers class and are looking for 10-12 dedicated people wanting to commit time and effort into perfecting their skills and routine!