Nisha Haq

 "A fantastic class, thoroughly recommend Jasmine's fun, energetic, exciting and enjoyable Bhangra dance classes. Being a novice to this type of dance style, Jasmine is great at teaching new techniques to everyone of varying abilities so the whole class learns together. I also find it interesting learning the history behind some of the moves. Not only is it a fun workout, but you get to learn something completely new, make new friends and have a good time."

Anita Singh

"These beautiful ladies teach with so much passion and love. They are energetic, get everyone going and have meaning behind what they’re teaching. Not only great teachers but beautiful souls. If you or your children want to learn Bhangra then these are the ones to learn from."

Vanessa Wilkinson

"This is a great group. Jasmine does a brilliant job of teaching Bhangra moves and building them into a routine. She takes time to repeat each move and sequence of moves so that we can remember them and really enjoys what we have learned. She makes sure we warm up and warm down properly before and after each class. Bhangra is fantastic fun and a really good workout, with lots of lovely people."

Priya H

 "Really enjoy the lessons, great atmosphere, learnt some cool moves. Fantastic, friendly instructor." 


"Excellent teaching and fun learning the Bhangra moves." 


"Five star teaching and real sense of belonging in the group."